Dagens Infrastruktur bjuder på gratis biljetter till Hypermotion i Frankfurt

Vi erbjuder nu våra läsare gratis biljetter till Hypermotion och till den parallella mässan Automechanika! Biljetterna gäller för både fysiskt deltagande i Frankfurt eller om man så önskar digitalt.

Först till kvarn gäller.

10 voucher codes for visitors (access to the exhibition area, Hypermotion Lab, our digital plattform and Automechanika Frankfurt Digital Plus)

10 voucher codes for conferences (access to the exhibition area, Hypermotion Lab, all conferences, our digital plattform and Automechanika Frankfurt Digital Plus)

Focus themes in 2021

Hyperloop technology:

A high-speed mass transportation system for both passenger and freight transport in a system of tubes with low air pressure.

Alternative drive technology:

The future of mobility belongs to electricity, hydrogen, biofuels and synthetic fuels.

Urban logistics and mobility concepts:

The ever-increasing density of traffic both leads to higher pollution levels and affects our timeliness. Concepts like car-sharing, smart parking systems or micromobility on the last mile ensure that urban living is attractive.

Intelligent supply chains:

Sensor technology, AI and blockchain etc. help organizations tackle the increased global complexity that touches supply chains.

Exhibitors & Products

Thematically interlinked conferences


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